Thursday, November 8, 2007

Heart Disease Never Tasted So Friggin' Delicious!

This post is dedicated to my friend Kyle aka Macfixer (check out his blog with the direct link over to the right). He, like Homer Simpson, has a penchant for processed pork that is pressed into the shape of a very small slab of BBQed spare ribs. Homer's was made by Krusty Burger, Kyle's is made by none other than Mickey D's! Here's to you Kyle. Enjoy!


The McRib, for a limited time. Get it while supplies last except on the East Coast! Come and get one Kyle!

No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

The photographer only puked once. Mmmmmmmmm McChunks!

I can feel my arteries hardening! Where did I put my defibrillator?! CLEAR!

1 comment:

macfixer said...

Dude, I hate you. I'm not sure which is worse: your mocking of me in a quasi-public space, or your photographing of...


May you suffer the fire of 1,000 heartburns, my man...