Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naughty but Nice?

Every so often I have to drive up to the Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin for personal reasons. As I travel up interstate 90, just over the Wisconsin/Illinois state line there is a very tall sign at one exit that reads Naughty but Nice. I understand that it is what is known as an adult store, which is a store that sells porn and sex aids and the like. What I get a kick out of is the name of the place, Naughty but Nice. I mean what kind of demographic was the owner going for after all?

Maybe the owner didn't want anyone picketing in front of his establishment to get rid of the blight of a porn shop in their neighborhood. "We may be naughty but dagnabbit, we are nice too!" I could see him saying that if there were picketers and the news crews showed up to interview him. Or perhaps they have the most base porn magazines and paraphernalia but they also offer top rate customer service. "Here's your copy of Ewe Sexy Beast and a leather bondage mask sir. Would you like that gift wrapped?"

Since the store is in the Midwest it could be that they are just trying to convey a proper image, like that of two people having sex but at least one of them that still has a foot of the floor. That is naughty but it is also nice. However, I think that they should just change the name of the store to Legs Spread, Ankles Crossed. I mean, really, that says it all doesn't it?

Just thought that I would share the ideas that pop into my mind as I travel this great land of ours.

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