Monday, July 13, 2009

Things Do Get Better

I have had the most interesting journey in my life for the past 5 or so years. Things have been topsy turvy and for the longest time it didn't appear like it would get better. There were glimmers of hope but they soon passed. I found myself falling into the miry pit that Psalm 40 talks about in the Bible. The good thing is that just like in Psalm 40, the Lord has lifted me out. The evidence of this was found in the last two weeks where I spent the most wonderful time with my parents, with whom I had been estranged for far too long. My three sons were with me on this trip and it was good that they were there to witness the Lord's healing hand. While my daughters were not there I know that they will see the results of God's tender mercies.

I also was able to reconnect with some very special friends in my life, though there were others I just could not get to see due to time being hectic but also due to the healing that was taking place. I guess I had forgotten who I was and started to believe the lies that I heard from people who really didn't care about me. Through it all I have grown closer to my parents and see just how beautiful they are. I am a blessed man to be their son and I thank God for their love and support. I thank God also for my dear friends who are special to me as well, even though we have not seen each other in years.

I am not sure that I deserve all of this love, but I am thankful for it and will do my best to reflect it back to my family and friends and to pay it forward to those whom I meet in my daily live's routine. I guess the biggest lesson that I have learned is that people DO change and that by God's hand. I've heard time and time again from others that, "People just don't change" and on their own they probably won't. But God is the God of the Impossibilities and nothing is undoable to Him. He has changed my heart and my outlook as he has done so with my parents. We had long been praying for this and God listens. He might not respond right away but He will respond.

So don't ever give up hope, like I did. Keep standing firm in faith in Christ and know that He wants the best for you. God does change people even if they are running from Him and He can do it in an instant. Trust Him with all of your heart and He will never lead you astray.

Here Endeth the Lesson,