Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Return of 10 Songs

I haven't blogged for a while and that is because the summer is in full swing and I have been one busy beaver. I also have not posted a 10 Songs Heavy in My iPod Rotation because my iPod's screen was busted and I was not using it until I got it fixed. Well it is fixed and I did it myself with the help of the good people at It is a great company where you buy the parts that you need and they mail them to you and then you go back to their site where they have the steps in fixing your issue there in bright color pictures. If you ever need to fix something on your iPod (and your warranty is up) then check them out.

Ok, so now I am back in the music listening biz and I really missed my music I have come to find out. These 10 songs are ones that I have been listening to a lot. They can all be found over at iTunes (except for The Beatles-Come on iTunes!), so go check them out.

1.Butterfly-Donavon Frankenreiter.
This is a simple toe-tapping song that has special meaning for me. It reminds me of a special person who has made a difference in my life while she is making an huge difference in the world. She's my Butterfly.

2. Don't Let Me Down-The Beatles
One of their less popular songs but very emotional and powerful. It is just Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Organ and yet the sound is rich and full and the singing packs a powerful punch.

3. I Want to Make the World Turn Around-Steve Miller Band
This song was a departure for Steve Miller from his regular schmaltzy, light, breezy songs. This one was born of something that hits all of us at one time or another and I love the spirit that it conveys.

4. I Melt with You-Nouvelle Vague
I have mentioned before that I love hearing a song done by someone other than the original band playing it. It's just that I appreciate hearing a different take on an established song. I originally heard this song on a commercial on TV for product which I can't remember. Then I went to iTunes and searched the song title and Presto-Change-O there it was (don't you love that about iTunes? I know I do!). It is a great rendition!

5. Dreamgirl-The Dave Matthews Band
I'm not a big DMB fan but I do love this song. I love the idea that his dream girl is also his best friend and that is the beauty of it. Friendship is so important to the success of any relationship. Great song!

6. Jersey Girl-Bruce Springsteen
I am a very big Bruce fan. I love his music and he, to me, is a poet. I have a lot of his albums and yet this is one song that I never really listened to, until recently. It is hypnotic and honest and that is what makes it a special song. He makes the idea of a Jersey Girl seem appealing and romantic and I have known a few JG's in my life and they were neither. Job well done Boss!

7. True Love is Hard to Find-Toots and the Maytals (featuring Bonnie Raitt)
Here is a an honest title mixed with some bluesy music and wonderful lyrics. Put them all together and you have magic!

8. Long Distance Love-Little Feat
Lowell George, the force behind Little Feat, was an incredible talent. He had voice that was powerful and delicate and clear. He could wield a guitar with the best of them. And he could write songs that could rip your heart out and then put it back all patched up. This song exhibits all of the above. Lowell George died way too soon.

9. 5:01 AM (The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking)-Roger Waters
Mr. Waters has talent and a lot of it. When the other three members of Pink Floyd and he had a rift it ended with two Floyds on tour singing the same songs but in different ways. There were lawsuits and accusations and everything that you would see in an ugly divorce. Finally Waters embarked upon his solo career and put out some edgy, yet very good music. This song is the cover of the album and I love it! I am happy to see that all members of the Floyd put aside their differences and came together for the G8 concert in London a few years back. Oh, yeah, they brought the house down!

10. Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde-Travis Tritt
OK, so I went a little Country here. But the song rocks and I heard it recently at karaoke and remembered that I loved this song when it came out. Tritt has a powerful voice and really belts it out here. I was first introduced to the song via its video. It is a good video too.
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