Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Must be Getting Old...

...because I am not fond of the cold or Winter anymore. All I want to do is head off to an island in the South Pacific and roam the beaches wearing little, if anything. Crystal clear pristine waters teeming with the freshest delicacies, lapping soft sandy beaches where I am prone on my back drinking a fruity adult beverage with an umbrella sticking out of it sounds wonderful! Well all that and a lovely lady who touches my very soul to share it with, now that would be as close to Heaven on Earth as one could get. Call me a dreamer but I believe in my heart of hearts that I will experience this very image ere I die.

Anyway, this is short and to the point because I am done with the winter. It's 10 degrees outside and my oldest child is struggling with the flu. No one gets the flu on a soft sandy beach in paradise South Pacific. Just like there's no crying in baseball, there are no flues in paradise! People swill Pina Coladas, Margaritas, beer with lime wedges in the bottle not Nyquil nor Theraflu.

I want to run up and down the beach like one of the kids from the Lord of the Flies with a spear in my hand hunting a wild boar to be roasted over an open flame. And no matter what I will always have the conch so we will do what I want all the time!

OK, I've whined long enough about the winter. Just a few more weeks to go. At least we have St. Patrick's Day before then. Green beer will have to suffice!

Stay Warm,