Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Thoughts

Hey there! Yes it's been a while, a long while, since I last posted anything here. Not that I haven't wanted to but I've been extremely busy and trying to find the time to post. However, excuses are cheap and actions speak loudly. So, I am back at the end of the year to posit some musings garnered from my journeys in 2009.

The year started off rocky but finished on a definite high note as things have changed for the better. What a year it's been and I am filled with a renewed optimism for the future and my life. Family relationships have been strengthened, old friendships have been renewed, and golden opportunities have appeared.

There have been some minor setbacks and other areas where I strive for change for the good, but nothing that has made me lose Hope. And Hope is the key, isn't it? Without we are lost and give into despair and slide down a slippery slope of self-loathing. Hope is eternal. Hope is renewing. Hope heals.

I look forward to the 2010 and make the vow to be more diligent in blogging. I've heard from some dear friends that they think that I am a decent writer, and perhaps I am and I owe some of those friends a thank you for encouraging me to write, write, write(That's you E.C., J.D., and M.F.). Whether I am or not I realize that I LOVE writing and it brings me great joy. If it brings others joy too then that is the icing on the cake.

Here's to wishing you and Happy, Safe, and Blessed New Year!